Frequently Asked Questions

What is it
For Luxitaly born to allow our customers to buy conveniently from home and Have An online storefront always updated

The products are original and accompanied by a certificate of guarantee?
Surely, we are official distributors and retailers of all Brands in the catalog. We guarantee the authenticity of all products on sale and the highest quality of all materials used in manufacturing. All our products before each shipment are properly checked and verified. Each jewel has a lifetime guarantee on the authenticity of the gemstones and the title of the precious metal. The shipment is accompanied by a guarantee certificate attesting to the authenticity of jewelry purchased, with all the basic features. The warranty is void in case of misuse or tampering of the object. All jewelry and watches are accompanied by the manufacturer's warranty and it is guaranteed for 24 months. The colors of the photos may be significantly different from the original product as the monitor used.

Why products of have outlet prices? as well as our store at The Mall was born to offer selected collections because we are officially authorized by all brands in our catalogue. We are the first one in Europe!

Is Registration free?
Registration to is absolutely free and carries no obligation to buy.

Membership can be deleted?
The membership can be deleted any time, and without notice, by sending an email to Anyway we hope that this does not happen , we would regret to lose our customers.

Recovery Password
Forget the password is not a problem: Please enter on on the e-mail address you entered when registering. You will receive an email with a new password to access his account. Once you're able to change the password within its restricted area.

How can protect my personal details?
We pay great attention on the security of your personal details and on treating them according to the most strict requirements of legislation on the protection of the same and the Telemedia Law. More detailed information can be found on If you have further questions or, for  more information contact us directly by writing :

How can I purchase works like any other e- commerce. To purchase, simply register by entering the required data within the form, paying special attention to the inclusion of a mail reference that will serve initially to confirm the user creation and subsequently for all communications . Finally, you will be asked to enter a password of your choice , variable at any time directly from the user profile and recoverable in the event of loss.

How can I check the status of my order?
You can track the status of your order by logging in to your private area. Inside your personal area you will see a list of all your orders in pdf format and  invoice.

How do I change or cancel my order?
To change or cancel any part of your order , please send a request to email : entering your data and your order number . Notice:  when a shipment has already occurred can not cancel the order . In that case, we suggest you wait for the delivery and, if necessary, to write to make the return later.

Payment Security
Purchases made on are safe and 100% guaranteed, as aligned with the most advanced security technologies on the web. If you choose credit card or Paypal as a payment method you can pay with all cards that have the logo Visa, Visa Electron and MasterCard, Union Pay. We also accept payments by bank transfer in total simplicity and safety. Data for the bank transfer: IBAN: IT23B0845738030000000022672 BANCA DI CREDITO COOPERATIVO DI CASCIA DI REGGELLO S.C.A.R.L AG.RIGNANO SULL’ARNO BIC : ICRAITRRCP0 INTESTATO A : LUXURY ZONE SRL

Which payment methods can I use for my purchases on ?
On Luxury Zone, payments are easy and safe and have two solutions :   Bank Transfer : in the order confirmation you will find all the necessary information to make the payment , the goods will be shipped as soon as we display your accreditation . However, it will be followed by our email communication. Credit Card, as soon as your payment is registered you'll receive our e-mail communication.   Paypal ( including circuit cards supported by paypal ) : Paypal allows you to pay with your credit card , debit card or via Paypal account (rechargeable via bank transfer or credit card / prepaid ) . Paypal does not involve any additional cost to the customer and also, for users not yet registered, opening a new account is very easy.  

How does the shipping and delivery of the order?
The products are entrusted to the carrier after the confirmation of the order or receipt of payment in case of bank (excluding Saturday and Sunday). You may experience delivery delays due to bad weather, strikes and delivery areas uncomfortable. For international shipments delivery times vary depending on the state, are on average 7 working days. Our shipments are all completely insured for the full value of the product at no additional cost to the buyer. The Luxitaly is committed to the replacement of the object if it is stolen or lost as a result of theft or fire during shipment. Deliveries in a country outside the European Union may be subject to duties and taxes at the time they enter the country of destination; These fees do not depend on The Luxitaly but by the Customs of the country of destination. Every tax burden and possible customs are the responsibility of the buyer. The Luxury Maison can not know in advance any taxes and customs charges as they vary from country to country. For more information you should contact your local customs authority. This share for any duties and taxes paid by the recipient is recessed from the courier upon delivery or subsequently.

Could I order out of Italy?
Surely, we ship worldwide. To know the exact cost of shipping please try to make an order and the system will calculate the exact amount for his expedition.

How can I make a return?
Luxury Zone allows the return within 15 days after delivery of the product in a simple way . Contact customer support in case you want to return the products purchased . We will refund the amount of the items making everything simple and immediate . The refund will be made based on the type of payment used at the time of purchase. We are sorry but we can not accept the return of products used by the customer , the packages must not show signs of wear , abrasions and scratches . In addition, the accompanying card must be intact and not separated from the object .

How can I return my order?
To make your return you just follow these simple rules: 1. Before you start the paperwork for making the return to contact us by writing the order for which you wish to make the return, the items inside it and why they're returning. 2. You will receive, in the shortest possible time, an e-mail containing all of our instructions, a form to fill in all its parts and the correct address to which to make the package. Remember, the cost of the return will be your responsibility. Please note that: 1. The package must be returned in perfect condition, with packaging and label the original and in the same box in which the patron you received. 2. Return items can not be changed, but only repaid. Refund will be made within 30 days of receipt of the merchandise and only in the event that the package is in perfect condition. The refund will only cover the returned product, it will not be reimbursed for transportation. 3. If the return was born from our mistake, after verification of our customer service, we will arrange to make the collection of the goods and refund the amount paid, inclusive (only in this case) of the transport costs incurred. 4. For defective products will need to exercise the right of warranty. You'll have to get in touch so directly with the supplier using the warranty and the sales invoice.

Refunds are made only once our store has ensured product’s perfect condition and packaging’s conformity.   1- If the return procedure will be successful, will be associated with the order on a Credit Note (NA )                 Within max 30 days will receive refund to the subject matter.   2- If you have not created the Credit Note, please write to  

Do not receive the account activation e- mail?
Some mail servers , may consider our automatic confirmation message as a spam. We advise you to check the junk mail folder and add the ' Address to the list of trusted contacts .   If you did not receive as spam, please contact us on: stating your full name and email address which you registered with .   Doing this way you will help us to recover your data and fix the problem.

Login not Successful
There were introduced incorrect Username and Password. If you have forgotten your login information please click on RECOVER YOUR PASSWORD on the home page , you will receive a new password by e-mail .

Unable to go to the payment page?
Probably you have disabled cookies. To enable the cookies , identifies your browser and follow these instructions :   Internet Explorer 1. Click the Tools menu. 2. Select Internet Options from the menu. 3. This opens a dialog box. On the General tab , click Delete Browsing History and Accept. 4. In the same window, select the Privacy tab. 5. Click on the Advanced button . 6. A new dialog box. Select Invalidating the self-administration of cookies . 7. Select the Accept cookies from the source as well as from other sources . 8. Select the option Always allow session cookies . 9. After Accept and Accept again in Internet Options .   Mozilla Firefox 1. Click the Tools menu. 2. Click Clear Private items . 3. Select cookies and Accept. 4. Select Options from the Tools menu and go to the Privacy tab . 5. Click on Accept the web cookies and Accept cookies from third parties. 6. Click Accept on the dialog box     Google Chrome 1. Click on Tools . 2. Click Delete browsing data . 3. Select Delete Cookies . 4. Press the Delete key navigation data. 5. Click again on Tools, and Options sections . 6. Browse to the Advanced tab and select Show all cookies in the configuration option cookies. 7. Next, press the Close button to apply the changes.   Opera 1. Click the Tools menu. 2. Click on Remove private information . 3. Select Options to show details . 4. Select Erase all tracks and click the Delete button. 5. Select Options from the Tools menu and go to the Advanced tab . 6. In the side menu select Tracks. 7. The following check that you have selected Accept tracks and press Accept to confirm the changes.   Safari 1. Select the Preferences from Edition menu . 2. Go to the Security tab . 3. Click on Show Cookies . 4. In the next dialog box , click Delete All. 5. Confirm and agree to return to the Security tab. 6. Make sure Accept cookies option is selected Always or Only the places where browse . 7. Close the dialog box.

Payment by Credit Card
Should it encounter problems during the payment process by credit card, we suggest first to check with your bank if there are problems with your card. If not, please contact us through the contact page on our customer service section to

How could i take care of my jewels?
A jewel worn even every day with care will only occasionally need exceptional maintenance, especially if it is delicately cleaned from time to time and put away appropriately. Normal everyday use and external agents such as atmospheric agents, cosmetic products, moisture and transpiration coming into contact with jewels may lead to reducing the luster of gemstones and diamonds, as well as of gold surfaces. The luster of jewels, especially gold jewels (without gemstones or diamonds) can be maintained in a simple way using specific, non-abrasive products specially meant for cleaning jewellery. Most products available on the market for jewellery cleaning may be used safely, as long as they are properly applied, though it is advisable to take extra care with products containing ammonia, alcohol, acids or chemical substances that may prove to be too aggressive .

Cleaning your jewelry at Home
For a number of reasons, the cleaning process may be more risky for jewellery set with gemstones or diamonds; thus, it is advisable to turn to professional cleaning. Especially when dealing with gemstones of an organic nature (like coral or jet) or with a porous structure (like turquoise, opal and chalcedony), the general rule is to avoid contact with external agents, such as fragrances, creams, sudden changes in temperature, moisture, chlorine, smoke, etc., that may cause irreversible damage. A good habit in order to preserve your jewels is to place them separately in individual soft and clean sachets or cases, in a dry place, away from heat sources and generally sheltered from any agents that could damage them.

What are hard stones?
The term ‘hard stone’ is improperly used to designate semi-precious stones, so as to distinguish them from more precious stones like sapphires, rubies, diamonds, etc. All gemstones are classified according to different indexes, one of which is the hardness index, specifying the level of resistance to scratching and chipping.
Gemstones traditionally used in jewellery generally have a high hardness index, but it goes without saying that, as hard as a gemstone may be, it is not necessarily indestructible, and a gemstone set in an item of jewellery will still be delicate. Even small knocks, though not deliberate or direct, may scratch or chip a gemstone. Diamonds themselves, which are famous for being the hardest stones in nature, are not immune to breaking. The Luxury Maison markets exclusively natural gemstones carefully selected by expert gemologists according to strict quality standards that The Luxury Maison applies as a guarantee to its products.

What if my watch needs an inspection or repair ?
All watches in the catalog have their own warranty certificate attesting to the originality . We recommend that you apply directly to official brand’s  point of care closer to you . You can find more information online, or simply write to customercare@the and we will be happy to help you.

Who should I contact for assistance?
For any further information do not hesitate also to contact our customer service: You may have access problems caused by customized security settings , in which case you simply add trusted site on browser settings.


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